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    Body sculpting is a non-surgical way to improve your body's muscle tone and appearance. Sculpted By Joy provides a range of body enhancements, including teeth whitening.
    Laser lipo uses lasers to kill fat cells instead of a surgical method. It has a much shorter recovery period than the traditional method. To speed up recovery, I offer post-surgery massage that helps with blood circulation.
    The non-invasive BBL procedure uses alternative methods to bring out muscle tone and reduce cellulite, and it has none of the risks of surgery. I offer a whole range of beauty services in Irving, TX.
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Laser lipo
Laser Lipo

Everyone interested in body enhancements has heard of liposuction, but what about laser lipo?

This version of liposuction uses lasers to kill fat cells. It may require multiple treatments but it's non-invasive, and the process has some skin tightening effects.

Laser lipo is a popular body contouring option at Sculpted By Joy, and it can transform your body without the recovery time needed for surgery.

Post surgery massage
Post Surgery Massage

After surgery, most people do everything they can do to promote healing and recovery. Post-surgery massage is just one way to help the recovery process along.

It's a gentle after-care massage that increases blood flow and focuses on the lymphatic system. After body enhancements, it's essential to treat your body well.

If post-surgery massage gets you hooked on the feeling of tension leaving your body, try our wood massage. It involves using wood tools for massage to reduce wrinkles and cellulite.

Teeh whitening
Teeth Whitening

A great smile is one of the best ways to boost your confidence. Teeth whitening can help you reclaim your pride in your smile and counteract years of stains from coffee, tea, and red wine.

Teeth brightening is practical and makes an immediate difference to your appearance. You can add other procedures, like body wraps or waxing, to make it a spa day!

Non invasive bbl
Non-Invasive BBL

Body contouring is an increasingly popular area of aesthetics, and non-invasive BBL is just one of the procedures available. Vacuum therapy, for example, uses suction to massage skin and bring muscle tone to the surface. It decreases cellulite and fat deposits.

A non-invasive BBL reduces the risks associated with surgical body enhancements. Instead, it uses non-surgical methods to tone muscles and break down deposits of fat. Sculpted By Joy provides this service along with many other non-invasive aesthetic procedures in Irving, TX.

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